After pushing through all-time highs, many international equity markets are back to 2019 levels on coronavirus fears.

While the US economy has performed reasonably well, there are now big questions over the impact of coronavirus on the global economy.

Domestically, growth remains patchy with continued disruption to traditional industry structures and business models.

Australian companies are trying to navigate the challenges — and seize the opportunities.

Armed with the most recent insights from this reporting season, Crispin will detail where we see the best industry and company-level opportunities. Crispin will also outline how he is positioning his portfolio to navigate macro and thematic risks.
Crispin Murray
Head of Equities
Crispin possesses over 27 years’ industry experience with expertise in equities research and a strong track record leading Australian and European equities funds.

He is responsible for managing a number of our flagship funds, as well as leading one of the largest equities teams in Australia. After joining the business in 2003, funds under his watch have outperformed the market over multiple periods.