The opportunities and obstacles facing Australian companies

Dear Adviser,

A wide array of dynamic forces continue to shape the opportunity set for Aussie equity investors this year.

Key to navigating this uncertain market is an understanding of which forces will persist, which will emerge — and which companies are best placed to prosper.

Pendal’s head of equities Crispin Murray and his 19-strong team continually meet with Australian CEOs and executives to assess these questions.

We invite you to Crispin's bi-annual Beyond The Numbers webinar where he will cover:

- How inflation, rates and wages will affect Aussie investors
- The impact of ongoing weakness in China
- The scale of economic slowdown in the US
- Which ASX-listed companies are best placed to prosper in 2024

Crispin will also interpret full-year company results and outline the major trends that will drive the ASX in coming months.

After 30 years of investing, few Australian equity portfolio managers can match Crispin’s knowledge and company access.

Please register for the webinar through the button above. 

CPD accreditation will apply.

Meet Crispin Murray
Crispin Murray
Head of Equities
Crispin is Head of Equities at Pendal, a fund manager with A$40.3b funds under management (FUM).

He joined the funds management business of BT Financial Group, now Pendal, in 1994, initially responsible for European equities and served as Head of European Equities from April 1998.

Crispin was subsequently appointed to his current role in January 2003 overseeing Pendal’s Australian equities business, currently managing A$17.9bn of FUM, making it the largest fundamental equity team in the market.

He is responsible for managing a number of our flagship Australian equity funds, which under his watch have outperformed the market over multiple periods since his appointment in 2003.