Crispin Murray's ASX outlook
Market volatility brings opportunity for active investors who have access to in-depth knowledge of companies.

After 30 years of investing, few Australian equity portfolio managers can match Crispin Murray’s access to CEOs and board-level directors at ASX-listed companies.

We invite you to register for Crispin’s bi-annual “Beyond The Numbers” presentation and Q&A.

During the on-demand webinar, Crispin will cover:

 * Which companies are in a strong post-Covid position to deal with inflation and rate hikes
 * Why strategies that have worked in the past decade may not work this cycle
 * The most important trends that emerged in the half-yearly reporting season

Crispin and his highly rated Australian equity team use their company contacts, insights and experience to navigate these volatile markets and answer these questions.

Crispin and his analysts look forward to sharing with you all the latest developments, lessons and the opportunities identified from the half-year reporting season.

Attendees will qualify for CPD points.
Crispin Murray
Head of Equities
Crispin is the head of the Australian Equity boutique at Pendal Group.

He is directly responsible for managing a number of our flagship funds as well as mentoring one of the largest and most experienced equity teams in Australia.

Crispin has 30 years of industry experience and has been with Pendal for 27 years.

He joined Pendal in 1994 as part of the European Equity team, and subsequently managed portfolios from 1997 and headed up the team from 1998. He moved to head of Australian Equities in 2003. Subsequently the flagship Core fund has outperformed in 12 out of 15 years.

Crispin holds an Honours degree in Economics & Human Geography from Reading University in the UK.