Equities, impact and ESG
If last year was about managing fast and frequent change, 2021 is about adjusting to an ever-shifting investment landscape.

One fundamental trend that continues to accelerate is the importance of — and demand for — Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in investment portfolios.

ESG is emerging as a secular theme alongside digitisation, demographics, debt levels, and productivity — and investors must think deeply about incorporating these factors into strategic and active asset allocation decisions.

Pendal’s head of equities Crispin Murray and Regnan’s s head of equity impact solutions Tim Crockford explain:

* How they manage portfolios through an ESG lens

* The evolution from negative screening to investing in companies that drive change
* The role of technology and resources in the transition to a future-ready economy
Crispin Murray
Head of Equities

Veronica Klaus
Head of Investment Consulting
Tim Crockford
Head of Equity Impact Solutions