Crispin Murray’s ASX outlook

ASX investors faced huge disruption and volatility in 2020 — which made many feel uncomfortable.

But the pandemic also saw a lot of companies being mispriced.

Pendal’s head of equities Crispin Murray and his team have identified opportunities in companies that were materially impacted in the short term, but had strong businesses with good management teams.

These companies were able to react ahead of their competition and improve their positions. Now we’re seeing that come through in their share prices.

What are the implications and what opportunities may emerge this year?

Find out as Crispin Murray shares insights from his many meetings with CEOs and senior business leaders at top ASX-listed companies. The presentation will include key lessons learned from half-yearly results.

Attendees will qualify for CPD points.

Crispin is Head of Equities at Pendal Group an ASX listed fund manager with A$90b funds under management (FUM). He joined the funds management business of BT Financial Group, now Pendal Group, in 1994, initially responsible for European equities and served as Head of European Equities from April 1998, He was subsequently appointed to his current role in January 2003 overseeing Pendal’s Australian equities business, currently managing A$15b of FUM, making it the largest fundamental equity team in the market. 

He is responsible for managing a number of our flagship Australian equity funds, which under his watch have outperformed the market over multiple periods since his appointment in 2003. 

Prior to Pendal, Crispin worked for Equitable Life in London. 

Crispin is a Director of the Anika Foundation and served as a Director of Football Federation of Australia from 2015-19. 

He holds an Honours degree in Economics & Human Geography from Reading University.